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Acrobats of China

When you bring your entire family to Branson, Missouri, on vacation, you’ll want to take them to shows and attractions everyone can enjoy together. Look no further than the Acrobats of China. The Acrobats of China will amaze you with their breathtaking gymnastics, colorful and intricate costumes, and elaborate sets. Even the youngest members of your family will be engaged throughout this high-energy show.

Acrobat troupes in China can trace their roots back through 2,500 years of rich and exciting Chinese history, and many of their stunts have roots in ancient Chinese traditions. Thrilling acts such as hoop diving, jar juggling, spinning plates, and pole diving can all trace their origins back to the skills of ancient Chinese craftsmen and laborers. Many of the incredible feats these daring performers bring to the Branson stage were developed in antiquity and passed down and refined through many generations of Chinese acrobats.

Today, there are acrobat troupes associated with provinces and cities all over China and the troupes are closely regulated by the Chinese government. Acrobats begin learning their skills between ages 6 and 8 and they may retire in their 20’s or 30’s, depending on which skills they master. The Chinese government also runs exclusive schools to teach the aspiring acrobats their trade. Some of these elite athletes even go on to compete in the Olympics!

The acts you’ll see at the Acrobats of China will leave you breathless in amazement at their mind-blowing feats of agility and strength. In the Clay Sculpture act, three acrobats replicate ancient sculptures that can be traced back 2300 years, all the way to the Western Han Dynasty. The acrobats also give audiences a glimpse of the historic Festival of the Moon by performing with common objects including ceremonial Chinese drums. Another act celebrates the life of Master Li Bai, an influential Chinese poet from the year 71 AD. Gymnasts climb poles in a beautiful interpretive performance of his traditional poem, “Night Thoughts.” Several of the acrobats also perform with bicycles, depicting scenes from the opera The Lady Generals. Perhaps the most memorable part of the production is the aerial ballet performed by gymnasts on flowing silks high above the stage. You’ll be amazed as these talented and impressive entertainers dance through the air performing heart-pounding stunts you’ll have to see to believe!

Guests can also take part in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The tea ceremony can trace its origins back through 1200 years of Chinese history, and one of the first tea ceremonies on record is from China’s Tang Dynasty. Guests will be treated to the seven steps of the ceremony and are invited to fully enjoy their tea in the traditional Chinese way.

For a thrilling display of Chinese history and culture that your entire family can enjoy, make sure to plan a visit to see the Acrobats of China on your next trip to Branson, Missouri. From the stunning costumes to the unbelievable triumphs of gymnastic artistry, this show will make your vacation one to remember!