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Sight & Sound Theatre’s Miracle of Christmas

Visit Sight & Sound Theatres this holiday season to experience the Miracle of Christmas. This live-action, exciting telling of the birth of Jesus is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Adults will be in awe at the incredible production values, amazing singing and dancing, and compelling story. Children will delight at the adorable live animals that perform in the show and will recognize the familiar Nativity story. There is something at Miracle of Christmas for everyone!

Sight & Sound Theatres got its start over 40 years ago in rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Founders Glenn and Shirley Eshelman had been putting together multimedia shows for their family and friends for years using the pictures they had taken of their travels and setting to music. As more and more people began to enjoy their shows, they decided to rent out the auditorium at a local Christian college and sell tickets. Their show The Wonder of it All was such a success that the Eshelmans decided to build their own theater and put on their own original productions for everyone to enjoy. Over time, the shows evolved from simple pictures set to music into full-fledged, live musical productions often featuring the Eshelmans’ own family and friends. Their first full-length, live stage production, Behold the Lamb, premiered in 1987. Eventually, Sight & Sound outgrew their original building and they moved into the brand-new, state-of-the-art Entertainment Center in 1991. Just six years later, however, tragedy struck. The Entertainment Center burned to the ground taking with it most of the costumes and sets used to put on their performances. However, Sight & Sound rebuilt and opened the 2000-seat Millennium Theater in 1998. A new era for Sight & Sound began in 2008 when they opened their theater in Branson, Missouri. Since then, millions of people have enjoyed the epic shows at Sight & Sound Theatres’ two locations, and the company employs over 400 people between the two sites.

All of Sight & Sound Theatres’ productions are written and directed by their in-house production team, assuring that the shows you see at their theaters are unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. In addition to producing their own shows, Sight & Sound also employs a team of artists, seamstresses, carpenters, and sculptors to make most of the exquisite costumes and lavish sets you see in their shows. Everyone who works at Sight & Sound Theatres is devoted to their mission of bringing the Bible to life, and this commitment to excellence shows in each of their unbelievable productions. It’s the closest you can get to Broadway in the Midwest!

Miracle of Christmas tells the Nativity story in a new and spectacular way from the angel Gabriel appearing to young Mary all the way to Jesus’ birth in a Bethlehem stable. Along the way, angels will descend from the top of the theater, animals and actors will race down the aisles, and the talented cast of over 40 actors and actresses will entertain you with their inspired singing, dancing, and acting. You won’t believe your eyes at the final scene of the show with the entire cast bowed in adoration of the King.

If you’re curious about how the team at Sight & Sound Theatres puts on their extravagant shows, be sure to sign up for their Behind the Scenes Tour. This tour gives you insider information on the inner workings of Sight & Sound, from what the dressing rooms look like all the way to an actor’s view of the incredible 300-foot, wraparound stage. On the tour, you’ll have an up-close look at some of the costumes, wigs, and makeup used by the actors in the show, take a trip around the massive stage to see how the crew manages to make their incredibly smooth scene changes, learn about the theater’s world-class audio and lighting systems, and even get a glimpse of the theater’s shop area. However, the highlight of the tour is definitely visiting the animal holding room where you’ll get to meet some of the theater’s four-legged cast members. All of the animals that appear in Sight & Sound’s shows live in the theater’s in-house stables and are cared for by a team of devoted animal handlers and trainers. At Sight & Sound, their animals are part of the family!

Sight & Sound Theatres puts on Biblically-based shows that are unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. Miracle of Christmas is sure to warm your heart this holiday season, but tickets are selling fast. Make sure to plan your visit today!